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If you lack the motivation to do..well, anything at all, these quotes might make you think twice. At some point in life, everybody needs a few words of wisdom to make them re-think their path.
You want for things, but are you really doing everything you can to get them?
When I have bad days, and I feel like none of my dreams are becoming a reality, I read quotes like these, because they make the idea of achieving my dreams much easier.

motivational quote

This is one we can all relate to. We make excuses today, and pile the burden on tomorrow. But when tomorrow comes, we are back to today, and the cycle keeps going. The only way to break it is to start what you said you were going to do yesterday today.

motivational quote begin anywhere

This follows on from the last quote, in that we often put dreams to the side because we don’t know where to start. But it’s simple, even if it’s one small step that gets you closer to where you want to be, begin anywhere.

motivational quote

This one reminds me not to dwell on what went wrong yesterday. Just because I may not have achieved what I set out to do, doesn’t mean my chances have been lost. If everything from here backwards has been a disaster, then use another day to reinvent yourself. Because every single day is another chance for a fresh start.

motivational quote
I have been judged and criticised most of my life. My dreams have always been bigger and more dramatic than the people around me. And so they believe that your head is in the clouds. This quote simply reminds me, when I feel like giving up, that I have a whole lot of mother fu**ers to prove wrong.

motivational quote
This might be my favourite. Hundreds of times I’ve either given up or been on the edge of giving up because it wasn’t happening fast enough. Then I’ve been disappointed because I still didn’t have whatever it was I was trying to achieve. Lesson? -Persevere.

So, what will you start today?

B x

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