If you’ve got this far, and you are desperate enough to scour the Internet for advice, you probably need it!

I have had a horrific time with “morning” sickness. I’ve been in the hospital, depressed, lost 2 stone in weight and just generally hated my life..  unfortunately, there are no miracle cures, BUT it does get better and here is what has helped me to keep my sanity intact 4 months into my pregnancy and still suffering from hyperemesis…


I left this one way too late, I guess I didn’t realise the severity of the illness until I ended up in hospital dehydrated and unable to even keep down water. It is common to have to try a few different types of medication before you find the one that fits, and if it does it should start easing your sickness after just 24 hours. I got it right the second time, and my saviour has been cyclizine hydrochloride- prescribed by my Dr. Stick at them! I came off the tablets on entering my second trimester after hearing all the hopeful stories about sickness easing up…big mistake. I am now back on them and they really do help. My body still rejects certain food and drinks but overall, looking back, I am over the worst!

ZEDZ Zzzzzzzz

As sad as it sounds, sleep has been my only true escape from feeling damn right miserable. If I am sleeping I can’t feel sick or depressed, and with any hope, I’ll sleep long enough for my meals to digest. I have naturally been more tired because of the pregnancy and lack of energy and this has truly been a blessing – every cloud, eh?


When you do manage to eat or drink, avoid rushing it. Nearly every time this has resulted in me throwing it all back up. Eat slowly, wait for your body to tell you it’s okay to continue… and if it doesn’t?-quit while you are ahead. Drink small mouthfuls, I understand how thirsty HG makes you and at times I have just wanted to throw back a whole glass of something cold, but it comes as a shock to your insides, and it’s a big no, no!


You feel groggy, sick, disgusting, weak and you probably haven’t dressed in weeks or worn makeup. When you grasp a bit of energy to do so- get clean! get your partner to help you if you really are struggling. Baths are brilliant for just lying there and not having to do much, I also find the warm water relaxes your stomach muscles (thus temporarily stopping the need to heave). You might not be feeling great on the inside, but you can control how you feel on the outside. Take as much control as you can!

KEEP BUSY (when you can)

Most of the time all you will want to do is lay in bed and mope, and for the most part, that’s probably the best thing. But try sometimes to drag yourself out of your pit, even if it’s for a short while. Flick through your phone, watch a film, read a book. Putting your attention on something else can make you forget about the illness for a while.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY (most of the time – see tip 7)

You will learn in time what your body likes and doesn’t like. Don’t put extra strain on your body, if it feels like a bad move, going out the house or taking a shower- just don’t do it.

BREAK THE CYCLE! & Ignore your lack of desire to eat

Sometimes listening to your body is wrong. You feel like vomiting the moment you wake up, but you’ve been sick, so there’s nothing else to come up! You need to eat. You will soon get sick of people suggesting crackers, and dry foods can just make you turn your nose up. So try something a little softer, but still substantial. Toast and Porridge worked for me.


Another thing you can take control of. I have spent the whole time in my pyjamas and dressing gown. It’s definitely not sexy, but I feel comfortable.
And trust me- High waisted jeans and pregnancy do not mingle.


It’s all about the glamour. I started out with a bin filled with multiple bags, but this soon got old tying them up and throwing them out. A good old mop bucket to carry around with you and leave at the side of your bed is a must. You cannot run to the bathroom every time you need to puke. Get the bucket.


Not all of your will be lucky enough to have a stay at home carer, but for the past few months, I have had my partner by my side. He has done EVERYTHING for me. From making drinks to meals to fetching snacks to helping me bathe and to be a shoulder to cry on. Accept any help- doing things for myself is hardly feasible at the moment- I’m Useless! So lap it up, ladies.


“If you’re gonna be sick, you’re gonna be sick!”
One of the best and most simple bits of advice I have received is this. Ridiculously blunt (and words from the wise -my mother) but it actually made sense. I was so worried about being sick that I would try to only consume the blandest of foods, and then I was sick anyway. Sometimes I just went all out and ate what the hell I wanted and surprisingly it didn’t always have a bad outcome! It also taught me to relax- the worst that can happen is that I am sick…

I truly understand what an awful time you are going through, but trust me, it really will be worth it.

Let me know in the comments below if any of this helped or if you have any tips for the next time I find myself in the same situation!


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