Your home is your castle, your safe haven, so why not make the most of it?
If you are anything like me (stress head and full-time worrier) you wouldn’t miss a chance to look at inspiration for a tranquil space to live in. With a newborn baby and a set of unbalanced emotions, I need calm in my life whenever I can get it.
At the beginning of the year I moved into rented accommodation, so the space I am working with can’t be modified beyond the aesthetics. So only a bundle of zen-full interiors have been added to achieve that feel that Buddha himself would be proud of.
I never spend a lot of money on anything so the things you see dotted around are likely to be found at your cheapest home store. I have tried to go beyond just making this room look amazing, I wanted it to feel like no other typical living space.

I enjoy minimalism, but I don’t want my home to be empty.  When adding colour, I don’t like to go over board. For instance, here, I have picked a colour from the feature wall and added small accents of it around the room to draw the eye. Playing it safe like this means if I ever decide against the colour, I don’t have to change everything. Also, it makes the space look clean and more well put together.

These are something I have always wanted to add to my living space, but never really knew where to start. I’ve always been intrigued by cacti and so I started with this cute trio from IKEA. I love all things buddhist and in feng shui it is thought that the the bamboo is lucky. The colour is also striking, so I went for this spiral bamboo swirl also from IKEA. I love these plants, I feel like they freshen up my living space and add that zen calming feel that I am looking for.

I love all things soft and cosy. I tend to make a B-line for faux fur throws when I go interior shopping. My trusty throws keep me warm in the winter and serve me in my day time naps. I like to experiment with different textures, they make everything so much more relaxing and help you cuddle up with a coffee after a long day. My cushion cases (IKEA) have soft embossed squares all over, creating warmth and texture.

Mood lighting is probably the biggest compliment to achieving a calm surrounding and candles are the way forward. They are natural light, they look gorgeous, they smell gorgeous and they just generally make you feel relaxed. Burning candles around the room make everything a little more.. homely.

It can’t be all play and no work 😉 I love a nice clean workspace to be able to sit at and write my blog or study. Also somewhere to basically home all my cr*p. This desk pulls the room together and makes everything that is otherwise messy, look tidy. I find storage helps keep things in their place and out of sight. I use white (IKEA) stationary boxes which home and organise all my papers. A clear space, a clear mind as they say.

And there we have it, a few simple tips to make your house a home. I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you have any tranquil tips!

Home sweet home

B x

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