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Hi Guys,
I recently went on a short 5 night break to Portugal. I was on a tight budget so chose not to pay for a check in bag. I challenged myself to take everything in one small carry on suitcase, and I did it!
We avoided all the long queues and saved money – genius 🙂

Heres how I packed! I hope it helps you too,



Hitting the beach!

3 Bikinis- beach bag- beach dress/cover up- sunglasses&case- sandals- beach towel

Tip: choose a beach bag with holes in like myn, this way you won’t end up with a bag full of sand!



Hair Straightener- Phone- Phone charger- Portable Charger

Tip: Choose straighteners over a curling iron, you can create curls with your straighteners!

Shorts & Trousers

3 x Shorts- 1 skirt- 2 x trousers

Tip: Choose comfort. Especially if you are pregnant like me, I would avoid denim at all costs!

Casual and Smart Tops

2 x T-shirts- 2 x vests- 2 x going out tops

Tip: Take day time vests that are simple to mix and match with your daytime shorts.

Lingerie & Night wear


9 x knickers- 1 pyjama set- 1 bra- 1 bralette/bandeau

Tip: Take a few extra undies! you never know



4 x dresses both casual and smart

Throw overs

1 x Light weight jumper-1 x Shirt

Miscellaneous/Things I forgot to capture earlier 

3 x Socks-Travel Adaptor-necklaces-paddle brush-comb-Sun hat


Bag 1- Face Lotion- Sun lotion- face wash-moisturiser- stretch mark cream-millecular water- dry shampoo- hairspray- foundation- eyebrow gel- mascara-2 x perfume- toothpaste

Bag 2- Shower gel- feminine wash- shampoo- conditioner- leave in conditioner/tangle spray

Tip: you are only allowed one of these clear travel bags in your carry on (100ml containers and no more than 1000ml), but I put the other in my partners as we were both using them!
You can find almost any item in miniature size these days, but they cost the earth! so buy some travel bottles and squeeze in your faves instead.

Extra: I also packed one pair of flat going out sandals and I wore my going out knee high flat boots on the plane! (theres no way they would have fit in my case!) Anything chunky I would advise wearing in flight 🙂

You can find the travel bags I used on eBay , they are really handy, airline approved, and cheap!

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