It’s easy to get demotivated and in a rut. Over the past few years I have tried to learn to make the most of everyday and live life to the fullest. But in order to do that you need some sort of motivation. Here are my Top tips on how I get happy, inspired and motivated daily.


This is my number one top tip and resolution for almost any issue in life. It has got me through heartache, illness and just plain laziness. Feeling good on the outside is something you can control very easily and it more than often makes you feel good on the inside. So get your favourite shower wash and scents and scrub from head to toe. You will come out feeling like a new woman! or man! (hopefully not the opposite gender).


Everybody loves to eat, you are lying if you say you don’t. Find a new recipe that tickles your tastebuds, a healthy one! (we are trying to stay motivated here) and give it a go. I love eating healthy, and that doesn’t mean it has to be lentils and rice. Fruit tastes wonderful! Just eat something satisfying and you will find that the energy from it gives you the boost you need to start your day off right.


Keep hydrated. I start to get headaches and feel lethargic if I’m not topped up on fluids. Again choose something good for your body, I drink lots of water but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. Milk is my next favourite and it’s good for you! (you can even add chocolate if you really don’t like plain milk). Hydrated and Fed you should be raring to go.


I’ll be the first to admit that I rarely exercise, but this can come in many forms. Most of us lack the motivation to get our running gear on and go running in the cold. And the rest of us just simply can’t afford the gym membership. So make it as easy for yourself as possible! I find yoga to be a happy medium, stretching isn’t half as strenuous as doing a lap around your neighbourhood, but its still good for your body and mind and it allows you to start off small. Welcome all activities that release endorphins. They are a feel good factor!


Some people don’t do pen and paper. But I recommend that you start. Writing lists may seem trivial and unnecessary, but for me personally it can have great psychological benefits. It helps to declutter your mind by shifting your stresses and chores to paper, something not attached to you and weighing you down. You can see clearly in front of you the tasks that need to be done without fear of forgetting the really important ones! This can help you set out your day or week and make you feel more confident about accomplishing them!


This could be all your important papers that have just stacked up overtime in a box somewhere or it could be the spare room that is completely cluttered. What ever you can manage, decluttering can help provide more space to simply breathe and can make you feel ready for new things to come. Getting motivated should be a positive thing so don’t put pressure on yourself.  As they say “a clear space is a clear mind”.


Always wanted to play guitar? or been telling yourself you need to read more, but a pile of abandoned books are still sat waiting for you? Set a goal, and set a date. Don’t overthink it, put time aside where you actually do what you want to do. Setting goals is a huge motivator and one that personally gets me excited about my future.


Tell people about the new and improved you, talk to them about your new goals, the new recipes you’re going to cook and your new routine. Telling someone else the things that you want to do, but are sometimes too afraid to do, can make them seem more real and achievable. When inspiration strikes, I usually talk my partner’s or my mums ear off and tell them all about my new ideas, it really gives me a boost of confidence knowing I’ve made a step in the right direction.


Change is probably the biggest thing that you can do to motivate yourself. I recently moved house and it has been the start of good things to come. I am changing my whole routine and making this the start of a new era. Again this can be big or small, change your job if you really want out, see your friends more, change your diet, change your furniture around. It can be easy to get bogged down with the mundane routines of life. Happiness and motivation is all about having self control.


Doesn’t need much justifying really. Play your favourite music and turn it loud (considering no one is sleeping).  This is such a simple thing to do and it can really raise your mood and make you feel capable of anything! My favourite past time is drowning out everything with music, dancing and singing. Works every time.


After a productive day, you earned it. A little treat after all that work can be a great source of positive reinforcement. I do this with a lot of things that are quite frankly chores. I work  until I’m convinced I’ve done enough, then I simply do whatever I want. Make a hot chocolate while eating chocolate, Binge youtube vlogs, nap, go shopping. Whatever it is, life can’t be all work and no play.


After all this is said and done sometimes all you need is a good nights sleep. I have had early nights because I know the day just isn’t going my way. And usually, when I wake up, I see life with a new set of eyes, and I’m ready and motivated to start another day.

“be stronger than your excuses”

B x

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