Finding Gratitude
Being with all my close family

2  Years ago I spent xmas in Australia, and as amazing as it sounds… well, it wasn’t. In fact, I hated every minute. All I wanted was a normal, cold Christmas day with my loves ones. I can’t wait to have a tipple and a dance with them all this year and reminisce on the past year- those we have lost and loved and everything in between. Hold the tears tho!

watching my little boy open his presents on his first xmas

Today I will watch my 5 month old baby try to tug the wrapping paper off his presents to reveal something that he will probably enjoy less than the paper itself! This year is going to be so different from all the rest and a real first for me too as my heart fills with joy watching my little creation around the tree.

having food around the table

There will be plenty of people this Christmas with very little or nothing to eat. We are so lucky to be able to sit around a table and eat a warm home cooked dinner with all the trimmings. Chocolate boxes, nibbles, drinks, what do we not have to be grateful for?

helping my mum cook dinner

Helping my Mum do a roast dinner is a past time that just doesn’t happen anymore. This Christmas however will be a chance to grab that tradition by the horns and get stuck in helping Mum out in the kitchen.

having a tipple

Ooh this time last year I was knocking on deaths door suffering with morning sickness. Today, however I will be sure to make up for lost time! I’m not going to go overboard mind you, I am still a breastfeeding mamma.

having a gorgeous inviting home to live in

This time last year I was living with my mum and her partner in a 2 bed flat. This year I am waking up in a three bed house with a beautiful tree and ample space to be hosting Christmas dinner for all the family.

being able to laugh

This year I have learned to let go of sh*t easier and focus on the positive’s. Thankfully I have every reason to smile and laugh this christmas and that is what I aim to do. Be silly and laugh, life is too short.

finally being able to say “I am happy”

There isn’t much to expand on this really. I have just found real contentment in my life this year, especially since having my little boy. Everything is finally falling into place 🙂

looking forward to my future

2017 is sure to bring new accomplishments for me. I have my driving test at the beginning of the year and hope to pass! and in February I will finally complete my Bsc in Psychology. In March me and my partner will take over the lease on our current home and for the first time it will be just the 3 of us. In August my little boy will celebrate his first birthday and finally, I hope for my writing to allow me a career.

The cold weather & being sat inside with a throw and a hot coffee

When I was younger I would sit by the window with my journal and write. There was something inspiring about watching the world go by. Sometimes it really is the simple things. I love nothing more than watching the worst, rainiest, stormiest weather from the warmth of my sofa and blanket knowing I am indoors away from it.

watching others open their gifts

I suppose this ties in with a few of the others but I have woken up early this morning (yes I am actually writing this on Christmas day), not because I am excited for my presents, but because I can’t wait to see the look on everybody else’s face when they open theirs. I love the gift of giving!

Changing for the better

As you can probably tell I like to dabble in self improvement. I love knowing I have beaten bad habits, or come through a tough time stronger. There have been many moments this year where I have been proud of the changes that I have made to become a better person. I hope others think so too!

And that’s it, my 12 things to be thankful for this Christmas! Let me know what you are thankful for this year!

B x

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