So I started this post more than 6 months ago and it’s been sat in my drafts waiting to be finished, and I can finally say I have finished the nursery and finished the post! I have scoured high and low for bargain buys, without compromising on quality. I didn’t go out and buy everything in one go, and neither should you. Start early enough in your pregnancy, and you’ll have the time to find the best buys, whilst adding to the nursery a little at a time. I wanted to create a beautiful, happy, & warm space for my baby, but a space with class! I chose to go with a grey and white colour scheme, adding a splash of blue to compliment it.

Prioritise, compromise, and stay practical with your interior solutions. If you can get your hands on something versatile (both practical and aesthetically pleasing), buy it! Think not just about the nursery looking good, but about what your new baby needs; the textures, the lighting; and the ambience to sleep peacefully. Think about the practicality of being a new parent and using the space every day for the more realistic of duties. Storage for all those beautiful baby clothes? an organised space for baby’s lotions and potions? It’s not all going to be warm cuddles and sleeping like a baby, think about things that will make your life as a new parent easier!

Not sure what baby accessories you really need?  Look at my list of must haves for life with a new born.

Where I can, I will link the items shown in the pictures, where I cant, I will link similar items. Please note that this post includes affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission when you click on these links. This has no bearing on you it just helps me to keep this blog going :). Enjoy x


Tension RodBalloon Weights – Hangers

If you don’t need a huge wardrobe, swap that idea for a simple hanging solution by adding a tension rod or shelf with a rail into an alcove and build from there. Why would you want to hide all those cute rompers anyway!? I kept the balloon weights from my baby gender reveal party and have used them as clothes dividers (smart huh?) If you don’t like that idea you can always buy legitimate clothes dividers like these. I also invested in wooden baby hangers to make the hanging space look a little classier. These are gorgeous (and a lot nicer than mine).


Cot – Waterproof SheetFitted SheetBlanket – Bumper – Baby Monitor – Breathing Monitor

To begin with your little one will be sleeping soundly next to you for at least 6 months. In most cases you will probably not cherish the idea of a second-hand crib. However the crib I had was my own as a little baby! and my mum kept it all these years. So if your parents still have something they can pass down to you, take up the offer! This baby lark is expensive.
Update: Baby has now reached 6 months and has finally been transferred to his big cot (shown above) and own room. As soon as I this cot I wanted it. I love the sleigh style cots but they are generally so expensive! This one has been in my watch list for months and I have finally bought it! I love the fact it comes in grey (they also do white and black!) and it turns into a bed when little one is old enough 🙂


Corduroy Fabric – Gold FabricEmbroidery Hoop – Fishing Thread – Cotton
Or Contact Me if you would like to buy one

So when I was pregnant I was intent on making something for my little boy. I rummaged together some old cord trousers and some other cheap materials and started to make little clouds and stars to go onto a mobile. It turned out better than I first thought!
Don’t be afraid of a little DIY. Not only are you saving money, but you are putting your heart into making something for your little angel!


Unit  – Baskets  – White Paint  – Grey Paint – Ribbon

As I haven’t put a wardrobe in this room, I had to use my initiative on where exactly to store my little ones clothes. I have simply just popped 4 baskets in this second hand unit and organised them into day tops, trousers, pyjamas and jumpers (Anything that needs to be hung up goes on the rail shown earlier). In the top cupboard I store baby bath products and in the bottom one I store my personal mummy items like nursing pads etc.


Changing tableChanging MatBinToy Muslin Cloths

A changing table I had been eyeing up online was £150 and I thought that was quite expensive, so I held off buying it. As Luck would have it I managed to get my hands on this one from a charity shop for £20! I simply painted the old fashioned looking bits with a splash of grey and touched up the scuffs with white paint. I use the underneath to store packs of nappies and general tat that I don’t want on show.


Fabric (stars) – Fabric (stripes) – Pom PomsBlind KitBuntingLanternPiggy BankTeddies – Giraffe Toy

If you know someone who will lend their talents for free then take advantage of it! My mum is skilled in sewing and making curtains & blinds, so it only made sense to ask her to make me one! This way I also got to choose my own fabric and have it totally customised. This was one thing that totally brought the room together and made it feel more like a nursery.


LampBasketsToyFrame 1Frame 2 – Canvas – Sit Me Up Bear
Contact Me if you would like to buy a Canvas


PillowBear – ThrowChair

Again this chair was another hand-me-down, It was my Nanna’s before she passed away. She was always revamping her home and this chair was fairly new from Next! It seemed a shame to throw it or pass it on so we held on to it and it fits in rather nicely. It’s also kind of cool how one chair can represent the circle of life as I am now using it to nurse my baby 🙂


Re-use re-use re-use! We received a baby gift from some relatives and they had wrapped the box in some baby blue ribbon. I didn’t intend on using it, however I wondered how the door knobs on the tall dresser would accommodate them. So I tied two bows and wrapped them around. It looked far better than I expected and really added a lovely touch.

Here I used an old frame and painted it my desired colour. I then went on Pinterest and simply printed my favourite quote onto a4 paper. Bish bash bosh, a beautiful framed quote for my little one and it cost nothing!


This gorgeous bear was a gift that my mum brought with her to the hospital when my little boy was born, it’s so fluffy and ties in beautifully with the theme. Here is a very similar one.

I saw this in Ikea whilst on the hunt for nursery decor and instantly wanted it. I thought it was so cute and would add a playful touch to the room.

Again this was a gift for my little one that he got this Christmas just gone. Isn’t it fab? I think it’s amazing how it’s been made to look like an old fashioned bear, yet it’s actually a modern buy from Jack Wills! It adds class and character to the room but I’m kind of afraid that he is going to start talking :O


This nappy stacker is one of the more practical items in the room, I chose this one because it has grey stars and well that’s the theme I was going with! You can find a similar one here. The teddy hot water bottle was mine from when I was a tiny baby! You can find a similar one here.

I went DIY on this canvas. Again, Pinterest came in rather handy here as I copied a painting that I really liked on to a blank canvas that only cost me £1! It adds a splash of colour to the room without the commitment of buying something expensive!
LampToyFrame 1Frame 2

There we have it. A post I have finally got around to completing, published.

I truly hope you enjoyed it and that it has given you lots of inspiration for your baby’s room. Even if you are having a little girl (or know someone who is) you can always swap the colours to Pink 🙂

Congratulations on your little bundle, Happy parenting!

See you next time,

B x


P:S. I forgot to capture my little ones laundry basket, it looks a little like this, I thought you might like it too!




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