I’ve been itching to shuzz up my kitchen (hey that rhymes) for a while now and toying with the idea of lots of different colours. I have finally bitten the bullet and chosen a gorgeous icy blue colour (which I am obsessed with atm), copper and bamboo. I like the idea of mixing modern colours with a more cottage-like rustic look. I have found some kitchen accessories that I will definitely be getting my hands on and I wanted to share them with you too! If you see something you like just simply click the pic!

Websites include:
Amazon, Trouva & Amara




1. I am definitely mixing things up with my styles this time around. Not only am I going modern, rustic and Scandinavian, I’m also loving the retro look. Smeg, although expensive, are great for adding that retro feel. And the blue is the perfect colour that I am going for!

2. I don’t want to go over the top with the blue, but I’d like accents here and there. I love these pans, not only do they look fabulous, they are non-stick too, practical.

3. I just thought these were really cool, I like to add a bit of novelty here and there with my interior choices and these do the trick. They add that rustic vibe and I can write what I like on them!














4. It’s just a wooden spoon, but it’s a pretty cool one. I LOVE this two-tone wooden look, it adds a little extra pizzaz to your ordinary wooden spoon.

5. My first bit of copper kit here. I think it looks really glamorous (as glamorous as a colander can look) and hopefully so will I when I’m shaking my lettuce…. :/

6. I figured I need somewhere to throw all my fruit. Not only does this bowl tie in with my theme but it comes with good intentions! I have no excuse not to get my 5 a day.









7. A couple of years back I perfected the Banana bread recipe (if I do say so myself) so this nifty little loaf dish isn’t the only thing going to go down well in my kitchen.

8 & 9. Smeg. nuff said.











10. I obviously am not content with just plain old see through drinking glasses, they have to be copper. These bad boys are very glitzy and will most definitely be placed somewhere on display.

11. Also a fancy looking display item and somewhere to home all my cooking utensils!

12. Ooh lala a copper kitchen roll holder!? I like the two-tone effect, but if used for its intended purpose, then you won’t actually be able to see that. Either way, it’s snazzy!











13. So these aren’t technically all blue, but they are all pastel, and they are stunning.. and I want them, sooo they made the cut. I haven’t seen anything quite so lovely, they are creative and will add a bunch of personality to my kitchen.

14. This is more of a practical item, but I thought it was pretty cool. You can actually adjust the dimensions to fit your draw!

15. Another item that has good intentions. I’m going to need somewhere to hang those bananas for that banana bread, right? Copper wins again.





16. How cool is this? I’ve always thought of myself as an Alice, lost in Wonderland, or maybe I’m more of a mad hatter, I dunno, but either way, this is really unique and not something you see every day!

17. Again with the two-tone, this is quite simply gorgeous, and it isn’t that expensive! This will tie in really well with my other kitchen accessories. Yoink!

18. I didn’t intend to end on such a random piece of equipment, but I do actually need a pastry brush and I just love these colours together. It’s on sale now as well!


So there we have it, some fancy accessories to add to your kitchen. Let me know what you think of the colour scheme and if you liked any of the items for yourself!

Happy cooking!
B x


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