So you’ve read PART ONE and you’re back for more? I hope you found it useful and have been stocking up on your must-haves! I am now 6 months into motherhood and thought it would be useful to create another post on the must-haves that have really lasted. So without further ado, here are 12 (more) must haves for life with a newborn.


When I bough these I thought they were a fantastic idea. The amount of times I had put an ordinary bib on my little one and he was sick or dribbled all of his milk down his chin onto his neck. These nifty little things completely eliminate this issue by creating a cushion for the chin so no sneaky milk can make its way under the bib! Myn are the ordinary yellow ones but they also do baby blue and baby pink!


This is more for the early days when us mums are over protective and haven’t the faintest on how warm the water should be. With time you will know what temperature is right but to begin with it gives you piece of mind to have one. This one is both a bath and room thermometer! So you can pop it in the nursery on those really hot or cold days.


I’ve felt some awful blankets on my shopping trips, scratchy and just not something I would ever wrap my baby in. I did however stumble upon some cotton blankets which are lovely when the weather is a little hotter, they feel so soft and keep my baby cosy but not too hot at the same time. These are “Super soft for newborn skin” and “helps to control your baby’s body temperature” (they are on sale now too!)


I don’t know about you, but I hate changing my baby in public baby changing rooms. They just seem really unhygienic and grubby, but sometimes it has to be done. In which case, one of these handy travel changing mats are a blessing, protecting your little one from those nasty germs. Get a flip out one like this one and keep everything organised!


This may be TMI but whatever gushes out of you at birth doesn’t stop over night. Things aren’t exactly back to normal down there for a good few months, so to put it simply, stock up on these! Eventually you can wear something a little more discreet.


This is a compromise for the huge parasol that usually come with prams. This keeps the sun out of your little ones eyes and isn’t invasive or heavy to carry. You can fold it up real small and pop it in your changing bag or under your pram. It can also be used to protect them in the car!


Does what it says on the tin really. Stops your baby’s mattress from soaking right through when they have little accidents. I use ones likes these that have a cotton soft top layer and a waterproof under layer so its not uncomfortable for baby!


I’ll never forget the first day we took our little one out to a new city. It was stressful to say the least. It was hot (one of the rare few days of summer England actually gets) and the little guy did not like it one bit. He screamed for the entire time we were there and all the way back on the train. The one thing that did calm him down however was a fan. It has been well and truly stuffed in the changing bag for next time. Choose one that clips to the pram like this.


When the little one gets cold throughout the day, I suggest jackets over jumpers. My little one isn’t the biggest fan of having clothes pulled over his head, or off for that matter. I would also opt for joggers over jeans as unless you are going somewhere special, jeans just seem impractical. Little sets like these allow you to really get your money’s worth.


It might be tedious now, and you wont appreciate the benefits of doing this at the moment. But in 20 years time, when your little one is all grown up, you will cherish reading all the moments that you forgot. For the first 4 weeks I wrote something weekly, since then I have written in m baby journal monthly. I also have a nice legit first year baby book that my mum bought for me where you can place photos for babies firsts. Find something similar here.


Not only do these look great and create an ambient atmosphere, they calm my little one down to no-end. At his worst when he is uncontainable and red in the face with tears, these little beauties have worked a charm! I just take him into the bedroom with only these lights switched on and he just stares at them. He’s loved these since he was born and he is now nearly 6 months and still gazes at them lovingly! These ones are beautiful for baby’s room!


This was a god send in the very early days. I had little energy to hold my baby and this just lightened the load. When they are old enough you can also use it for tummy time and to help them sit up. I wish I had bought this one, it’s 10 in 1 and won bronze in the mother & baby awards 2017.

Let me know if you enjoyed this as much as PART ONE and if you went ahead and bought anything!

Happy Parenting!

B x

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