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Of course, as they say, life is never the same again after you have children, and neither are you. Here are some of the things that I feel have changed me as a new mum, maybe you can relate?…

I’ve worn make up every time I have left the house for as long as I can remember. But pretty much since I found out I was pregnant I stopped wearing it altogether. I suffered terrible morning sickness so whatever energy I had left wasn’t to slather my face in colour. I told myself once the baby was born I would get back to my old self and be piling on the make-up daily once again…however this was not to be. There is just simply no time, and even if there is, there are much more important things to do with that time. I now only wear make-up if I’m going somewhere nice or out for the whole day. There was a time I never thought I would step one foot outside without it, but priorities change, and to be honest, it is so much easier! I’ve had a glimpse of what it feels like to be a man! to just get up, shower and go.. bliss.

Goes without saying but to survive as a parent, this is key. I’ve never had the patience of a saint, nor do I now, or ever will, but I have more of it. For the sake of my child and my own sanity, you have to find patience… for the crying, the sleep deprivation and the unpredictability that every day brings.

Prepare to make a hell of a lot of sacrifices. I have surprised myself at how selfless you become as a parent. This little human really does come before everything, even myself. The first and biggest thing I sacrificed was my health. I suffered badly in the first 2 trimesters of pregnancy with sickness, which led me to severe dehydration, hospital admission and a loss of about 2 stone in weight, but I persevered with it, through the tears and the hunger pains, for the sake of my baby. Now I am sleep deprived, but never do I blame my little one when I’m waking every 2 hours in the night, he needs feeding, so he comes first. Material items I rarely buy for myself anymore, if I go shopping, its for him, and his wardrobe, not mine.

Before I gave birth I was somewhat.. prudish, my partner had never seen me naked in 5 years. After spending hours in labour with your legs wide open and every Tom, Dick and Harry having a look, your inhibitions kinda fly out the window. Once you’ve had your baby, Tom, Dick and Harry return to look at how you are breastfeeding and that can’t be achieved without whacking your boobs out. It’s safe to say never have I ever had my boobs out so often in one day. There is no time for shyness anymore, and ironically, my partner is tired of the sight of my chest these days :’)

So I know us women are meant to be good at this anyway, but after baby comes, your level increases somewhat. Prepare to do everything with one hand, because the other is mostly taken up by a baby. The other day I was making pancakes for myself and my partner, baby Rocco started crying so I picked him up, went back over to the pan with him and started flipping pancakes with the other hand… I think my partner thought I was super human.
Multitasking Level: Expert.

I have always been lazy when it comes to cleaning. I usually wait until everything gets mouldy, then I get out the rubber gloves. However my nesting instincts kicked in during pregnancy and haven’t really stopped. I clean at least 3 times a week now…saying that back doesn’t sound right, but its true. Not only am I worried about my little ones health, but I am more intent on creating a cosier and nicer home for all of us.

Before Rocco, my definition of happiness was vague, I guess I didn’t really know what it meant to be truly happy. Now I can see that more than happiness it is contentment that I feel and I guess that lasts longer. I can see my future clearer than ever before, and every morning that I wake up I have purpose. There is no feeling like seeing my little boy smile at me, he makes me crazily happy.

Before I fell pregnant, you wouldn’t be able to come near me with a needle for anything. I have avoided them like the plague for a life time. However, when there is a baby involved and you need blood tests to make sure you aren’t passing on any diseases and you need vaccinating against the flu virus to protect you both, things change dramatically. I have had more injections over the period of my pregnancy and birth, than I’ve had in years. And plus, after enduring the pain of childbirth… a needle is the least of my worries. 😉

I didn’t just find room in my heart to love my baby boy, my heart grew bigger to accommodate all the love that I have for him. My heart has never felt so full. Its like falling in love all over again.

Before Rocco, I made excuses not to do all the things that made me happy. Baking, writing this blog, eating healthier, learning to drive, they all took a back seat. But he has given me the motivation to start making more of my life and doing these things again.

My weight has plummeted since finding out I was pregnant. I also haven’t managed to gain any back since the birth as I have been breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can take about 800 calories a day from you. Mix that with the lack of time I have to eat 3 proper meals in a day and it’s no wonder I am now at my thinnest ever.

I always used to say sleeping was a waste of time, “sleep when you’re dead” was my motto. But since my little boy started growing inside me, I have become the nap Queen. Of course once he came into the world he has kept me on my toes. I now love my bed, and any chance of an early night I grab with both hands. My excessive tiredness has also driven me to pretty much inhale coffee, I can’t get enough of the stuff, from pepsi, to iced lattes, I now surrender to caffeine and sleep to keep me going.

I hope some of you ladies related to this, or those of you expecting a baby, maybe it gave you something to think about? Most of all I hope you enjoyed reading it!

See you next time

B x

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