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I have just had my first baby 8 weeks ago and it has been a real learning curve. I am still learning about my little boy every single day and the ups and downs that come with motherhood. No gadget or baby accessory is going to make life with a new born stress free, but there are things that can make your life a little easier. Here are my 10 must haves for life with a new born, I hope they can help you out too!

If you are a breast-feeding mamma, these little things are going to become your best friend. They do what they say on the tin; you pop one in your bra when you’re feeding from the other boob and as the milk flows it is collected instead of being soaked up by a breast pad and wasted. Sometimes you get very little and sometimes you are surprised at how much milk is collected from one feed. All I do is keep a bottle in the fridge and empty the milk saver into it through the handy spout after every feed. I get at least a couple of ounces daily, and it’s invaluable for when baby wants a little something and I’m not around to feed.  If you are going out for the day however I would advise expressing as the shells don’t collect enough for a whole days worth. A down fall is that if you don’t empty the milk saver straight after feeding, you can forget that you have it in and once you lean over it pours out…. but if you are smart, and don’t have the memory of a fish (like me) then these work wonders. They could definitely do with some tweaking but so far this appears to be the best thing on the market.

I was against using a dummy with my little one, and to be honest it didn’t seem like he needed one in the early days. However as the weeks went by, it became apparent that he wasn’t always settling to sleep. Soothers have been another life saver in that respect, and my little one now often self soothes from just having a dummy to suck on. We use these orthodontic ones from Tommee Tippee.

These are something you will always need handy if you don’t want sick down your back, or anywhere else for that matter. I throw one over my shoulder when I’m burping my little one and I’m always glad I did. They are great also for covering changing mats when it’s a little chilly and generally mopping up yucky things.

We learnt quite quickly that having nappies, nappy bags, nappy rash cream, a changing mat and baby wipes in only one area of the house, wasn’t the best idea. Having to run upstairs every time our baby needed changing grew old fast. So it’s advisable to have 2 (or more) changing stations in the house, 1 up & 1 down. Save your legs!

This simply helps you sleep at night knowing there is a savvy piece of technology monitoring your babies little breaths. Once the monitor detects reduced movement or no movement from your baby, a loud alarm sounds to alert you. Thankfully I haven’t had to experience this for real, however, I have often forgotten to press the ‘off’ button after taking the little one out of the cot and had a fright when it alarms in the night. :O But its worth the annoyance as it is potentially saving my babies life.

I mainly bought this with the intention of using the heart beat sound, however it has been more useful for the starlight projector that shines on the ceiling. My baby hated being in his cot for weeks and putting him in there awake waiting for him to self soothe on his own was a complete no go. However now when he gets really sleepy and we put him in his cot with the stars projected above him and his dummy in, within minutes he is snoring his head off. GOLD DUST.

Sounds like it may just be a luxury, but it really isn’t. When you think about the time (and noise) you spend layering blankets on your little one and tucking them in, this whole process is completely dismissed. You can put your baby in his sleeping bag after his last change of the night and get him warm and cosy before bed, then when he has been soothed or falls asleep, you can simply pop him in the cot without fear of waking him up from all the rustling of blankets.
For those cold winter nights, I would recommend one with arms!

Mine cost me £1 from the pound shop and was something I picked up on a whim, not sure I would actually ever use it. However I didn’t realise how fast babies nails grow! so the baby scissors are brilliant for safely cutting my babies little nails. The set also came with a soft baby hair brush, so I can style my little ones locks without fear of scratching his head. He was born with a lovely lot of hair so I have definitely got my moneys worth from this little brush! The set also comes with nail clippers (however I prefer the scissors) and a comb, which is good for side parting my little boys hair but really I still prefer the brush. Even though I only really use 2 of these products its proved more useful than expected! You can find a nicer set here.

Until you have began to breastfeed and been out and about needing an easily accessible booby, you will not know the blessing of one of these bras. Not only are they practical, but they are comfortable. When your milk comes in and your boobs are hurting, the last thing you want is an underwired, balcony, push up bra.
I like this one, it fits me really nicely and comes in some nice pastel colours.

If you don’t want to soak through your bra and tops, these are simply a must.
I hope this helped you new mammas!

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Happy Parenting!

B x

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